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Bumpi™ - Fall Protection Cushion for Babies (LAST DAY 50% OFF)

Bumpi™ - Fall Protection Cushion for Babies (LAST DAY 50% OFF)

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Never worry about your baby bumping their head and shoulders again.

The Bumpi™ baby head protector prevents your child from bumping their head when they fall. Bumpi™ is filled with soft, breathable plush that protects your child's head while walking, crawling and standing.

With its ergonomic design, your baby can play comfortably without Bumpi bothering them. So don't worry anymore when they fall and bump their back, head or shoulder. Bumpi™ is the best choice for babies during their growing period and gives you as a parent the peace of mind you want!


Perfect for crawling, standing and walking: Bumpi™ stays securely attached to easily protect your child's head when they play, run or fall. By creating a safe barrier between them and the floor, there is nothing to fear if they lose their balance.

Safety and Protection: Bumpi™ is a must have to ensure your child's safety! Safety and protection is our highest priority at this time of their lives.

Immediate Shock Absorption: No more tears, crying or unexpected doctor visits. The ultra-soft plush filling makes it feel like you're landing on a pillow. It absorbs the impact immediately and ensures that your child does not feel anything. The peace of mind you get when you know your child is safe is priceless.

Unique and Cute Design: Let Bumpi™ contribute to your child's cuteness! He will be the center of attention wearing this and will probably be one of the most favorite little ones around.

High-quality materials: This charming Bumpi™ for babies uses breathable cotton and high-resilience plush filling, which makes the quality excellent!

Perfect fit for every style: We know your child is your mini version so fashion should always be considered too! Don't worry, because Bumpi™ has different designs and colors to match your baby's outfit!


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