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Expandable Garden Hose with Spray gun

Expandable Garden Hose with Spray gun

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  • Extends 3x its original length

  • 7 Spray Patterns

  • Strong water pressure

  • Tangle-free

  • Leakproof hose

Water your plants and clean your home's exterior and vehicles thoroughly with this garden hose expandable up to 23m !

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose Soft Hose Pipe Garden Hose Reel - Ozayti

Extendable Soft Hose

When fully filled up with water from your tap, this water hose extends from 7.5m to 23m, thanks to its eco-friendly stretchable fabric material. It is long enough to reach a garden of average size (around 15m long by UK standards) and let you clean and water your yard entirely in one session. However, if you're not sure what hose length to get, simply measure the distance between your water source and target cleaning area.

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Extendable Soft Hose - Ozayti

Adjustable Spray Gun

Want to use different spray modes for different cleaning jobs? The spray gun has a rotating selector mode that allows you to choose between 7 different jet modes such as mist, shower, cone, centre, flat, and full modes. Use flat or cone for spraying your lawn, shower or mist for watering your plants, and the rest of the modes for general cleaning. In addition, the sprayer also comes with a lock mechanism for continuous spraying so you don't have to constantly keep your hand on the trigger.

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Adjustable Spray Gun - Ozayti

Leakproof universal design

This garden hose has been designed to avoid leaking issues that might occur with standard garden hose after several use. Made of safe and strong latex material and resistant ABS pipe connections to ensure a long lasting use and avoid pipe bursting.

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Leakproof universal design - Ozayti

Tangle-Free and Easy to Store

This soft hose pipe is more flexible than its polymer and metal garden hose counterparts, which makes it easier to use and store. The inner tube is covered with polyester fabric to keep it from getting tangled. And when not in use, it shrinks back to its original 7.5m length. The stretchy material also allows you to easily fold it up in a much smaller size so you can store it in small storage space.

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Tangle-Free and Easy to Store - Ozayti

Wear-Resistant Strong Pressure Hose

What makes this expandable garden hose different from normal plastic hoses is that it allows the water to flow faster and stronger. It can take up to 3kg water. Moreover it keeps high pressure and the water flow is good enough to tackle dust and loose strong dirt upon various surfaces, as well as do routine watering applications. Convenient to wash your car, clean house walls and pavements. 

7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Wear-Resistant Strong Pressure Hose - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Length: 7.5m to 23m
  • Spray gun (L x W x H): 8cm x 5cm x 13cm
  • Spray gun modes: 7
  • Materials: ABS plastic, polyester fabric, Latex
  • Hose connector: 1/2"
    7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Dimensions - Ozayti

    Included :

    1x 7.5m Expandable Garden Hose

    1x Spray Gun

    1x Hose Adapter

    2x 1/2" Hose Connectors

    7.5m Expandable Garden Hose with Spray Gun - Package - Ozayti


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